Things to know before buying a car coverThings to know before buying a car cover

Today, the author will present a story about outdoor corvette car cover. The preservation of the car is a must. And it is very important because than getting a car, it must be said that it takes a long time. The car cover is another thing that takes care of your car. But some comments that the car cover has disadvantages as well Therefore, today Let’s see the details About the importance of car covers, benefits, advantages and precautions of car covers How will it be For readers to apply before making a decision in buying a good car cover

The importance of car covers

  1. Car cover can maintain the newness of the car well, that is, invest in buying a car cover for just a thousand But helps save the depreciation of the car when it needs to be sold up to tens of thousands.
    2. It is the easiest way to look after the car, just wasting a little time on the car cover. And keep the car cover only when using the car Which these times would not be so long that I couldn’t give up, right?

The advantages of car covers

  • The car cover can help to maintain the condition or maintain the car to be new at all times. Of course, when we cover the car, the car will be safe for various dangers well.
  • Helps to prevent by sun and dust entering the car. Can make our car dirty As is known, working life doesn’t have much time to wash the car. Or how much to clean the car Therefore, once washed and wished to maintain the condition without dust For as long as possible The car cover can therefore help in this matter as well.
  • Helps to preserve the car from various situations or situations, such as rain, steam from rain Or even the remnants of leaves or other debris blown with the wind when the wind blows


  • Should cover the car carefully Do not regret the time to cover the car. Because it may cover the defects until causing the mistake
  • Should choose a car cover with a texture that is caring for your car Because if we choose to buy at a price that is too cheap or bought without checking the condition of the car and texture May be harmful or dangerous to the car
  • Always check the texture of the car veil. Choose suitable for your own car. Including the matter of the size of cloth that is suitable and fit the car size To prevent the access of rats Or various animals etc.
  • Car cover isnot only a good helper to keep the car away from scratches, fading or various stains from the weather and pollution, it is also an important equipment that car users should pay attention to. Regarding how to use it well as well Because of various damages What happens to your car may be caused by the use of a car cover incorrectly.

Things to know about using a car cover

  • In order to create correct knowledge and understanding Today we have to know about the use of car covers. To make every car owner aware of the use, maintenance and correct practices. In order not to damage the car cover and the car as followed, which should have any knowledge then let’s go.
  • Should punch holes in the side of the cover to help ventilate heat.
    Many people may be using the car cover incorrectly. By covering the car completely, which will result in the car not able to ventilate heat as it should be Therefore, it is recommended to drill a hole on the side of the car cover In order to keep the heat accumulated from the car which is parked in the sun for a long time Can drain
  • Should buy bags for storing covers
    If it is necessary to cover the car during the rain, storing the car cover after that may be complicated. Because the wetness of the veil may cause various things All around was stained with Best way is to buy bags for storage. Car cover To be able to be collected with other items More conveniently
  • Be careful to use car covers in windy locations.
    Using a car cover may have a negative effect on the car if used in a windy area because the wind may blow the car cover to cause friction on the surface of the car. Causing scratches to follow Therefore, it is important to note that the area where you parked the car has much access.
  • Plastic cover should be used on older cars or classic cars with new paint.
    Older or classic cars that have painted new colors, you need to use plastic car covers instead of ordinary car covers. To help prevent the car from rusting and can also prevent rain or sunlight that will damage the car as well
  • Here are 4 basic things you should know about using the right car cover. So that car owners can properly protect your car from sunlight, rain and dust In order not to cause damage that may result in subsequent costs and is also a way to help maintain both the cover and the car to last longer

Choose a car cover according to the protection level.

The location for parking is quite a problem for some people. Because many people are willing to do anything to prevent their own car from being exposed to sunlight , bird droppings , rubber trees, or even raindrops that fall from above No one would aim at the open space. Outdoors for the car to have a tan skin In the case of parking for only a short amount of time, probably not much But if having to park in an open area for a long time (The type that can not really find an umbrella) and then it may have to rely on a little help.

Because even though the roof is completely covered to prevent sunlight or rain But there is still dust that is ready to bite into the car all the time Therefore, covering the car with another layer of car cover is another fortification that protects the beautiful skin of the car to remain shiny and spotless. (But have to wash the car before covering it) with the car cover that is manufactured from a variety of materials Which also results in different salons as well And it is natural that good things are not often washed Therefore, it is necessary to choose the material used to produce a cover cloth to suit the cover. Protect as you I want it too Well, let’s go and see. How to choose a car cover that suits the parking style ? In the case of covering for indoor dust Choose the type that is flannel or cotton. (Whether or not our home will have ?) Because the material is somewhat heavier than other materials. Which will help to maintain the properties to better prevent scratches Ideal for people who love cars extremely Select a car cover is made of polyester and cotton, which is the cheapest, because the two materials will be defended quite well overall. Such materials provide excellent protection for the car’s surface. (From cotton inside) for parking in the shade And can also protect against water and sunlight (From polyester) and most importantly, it can ventilate quite well anyway.

For those who need maximum protection Must be here. Car cover made from acrylic fibers. That can be protected in almost all conditions, including durability , long service life And also gentle on the skin color of the car But have to accept the high price as according to the quality as well anyway But if all of the above is not enough for you Must play like a car veil, tailor-made that can determine the proportion of the car as closely as possible Also able to choose materials at will And most importantly, can choose whether to cover the shade or umbrella, sure enough. Do not take the habit of buying a car cover before, because if the price is too cheap The material tends to provide protection that is not as good as it should be. Especially if having to cover in the sun as well More importantly, more protection is needed than the price. Aside from the sunlight that fades the color of the car, then fading Also helps various rubber eyebrows Or equipment inside the cabin. Frame – cracked sesame patterns faster with Excluding the rain out , ” acid rain ” due to the weather stuffed with poison gas. Causing the rain to become a solution that is harmful to car paint quite a bit (gradually attacking bit by bit) as well as bird droppings that have the same acidic effect But will stick to it for longer and harder to remove Since then various reasons not known to refuse car cover it anyway?

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